Night of the Umbrella, Lion and Unicorn Theatre, January 2015



“Richard Ings in particular really stood out playing everything from a stuffed shirt politician with a secret, to a creepy Scottish hotel barman to a wonderful piece of drag work as the Grandmother.” (

“Richard Ings’s deadpan comic timing is immaculate” (Camden Review)




The Woodsman, Old Red Lion Theatre, April 2009

“Richard Ings plays the tortured Walter, effortlessly drifting between the concept of victim and monster. There is so much history behind this character and Ings is a master of subtlety, hinting at a past brimming with pain and remorse.” (Paul Vale in The Stage)

“Ings does Walter’s withdrawn quality and his world-weariness very well.” (Corinne Salisbury for British Theatre Guide)



Parasites, Hen and Chickens Theatre, November 2005 / Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2006?????????????????

“Richard Ings as Kirk gets the lion’s share of the best lines, and makes the most of them with keen comic timing: monologues flash by like stand-up comedy.” (Michael Hubbard for

“The Professors, played by Damien Warren-Smith and Richard Ings, elevated the material to make the farce work, while Ings in particular was a revelation, his lecture brought me back to the days of being an undergraduate and the awful jokes one endures by comedian academics.” (

“The cast are fantastic, and do justice to the play. They are led well by Richard Ings as Professor Anthony Kirk. His deadpan delivery is very funny. He is a very likeable character despite his lack of enthusiasm for his job, and years of teaching students has made him the man he is.” (Theatreworld)