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Selected film and theatre credits

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L'Ecole des femmes

Arnolphe in L’Ecole des femmes

The Woodsman

Walter in The Woodsman

Hamlet 1a

Polonius in Hamlet


Tarom in Quel Tartuffe !

Rev James Morell in Candida


Year Role Production Director Company
2015 Rev James Morell Candida Philip Dart English Theatre of Hamburg
2014 Tarom Quel Tartuffe ! Sean Aita Vienna’s English Theatre
2013 Arnolphe L’Ecole des femmes Gigi Robarts Something Wicked
2013 Polonius Hamlet Andrew Shepherd Stern Alarum
2012 Duke of Venice Othello Andrew Shepherd ACS Random
2010 Leonato Much Ado About Nothing Natalie-Anne Downs Lauderdale House
2009 Walter The Woodsman Stuart Watson Against The Grain
2007 Henry Higgins My Fair Lady Christine Appleby Say Two touring

Film & TV

Year Title Part Director Company
2014 The Elephant in the Room James McDermott Martine Skogstad Independent
2013 Mutations Thomas Noble Chris Court Bucks New University
2012 Finder’s Fee Mr Charon Phil Mutton Breaklight Productions
2010 George & Andrew music video Andrew Ridgeley Ryan Owen Film Ryan Productions
2009 Celebrity Four Weddings Registrar Chris Fitchew ITV Productions
2008 Doctors and Nurses Doctor Simon Goddard Comedy Central
2008 One Night at the Curtain Otto Nicholas Paton Jeamland Productions
2007 Two Graves Father (Lead) Gregory Marsh Independent
2007 The Thin White Line David Hunt (Lead) Holly Budge A.I.B.
2005 The Final Round Contestant (Lead) Jonathan Lieb Independent
2005 Cut Surgeon (Lead) Hazel Meeks Independent
2005 Explode Jim Williams Dexter O’Neill Fantom Films